Faraday Cage

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Canopy Double Bed with floor cover

Protects about 51 dB at 1 GHz.



Faraday Cage

Canopy with floor protection

Faraday Canopy

EMF Protection Canopy

EMR Shielding Canopy



This Faraday Cage gives a very high protection. It´s the highest on the market.

This faraday canopy with floor protection reduces the exposure of mobile phone radiation like wifi, 5G, antennas, mobile phones, smart meters, Bluetooth, and wireless devices.

One layer.

Three doors.

Including a floor cover.

Colour: Light beige. (Light beige grey).







The canopy is made of a fabric that protects about 51 dB at 1GHz.

That’s 99,999%.

Please notice that this canopy is made of a fabric with a very high protection. The fabric protects 39,7 dB at 10 GHz.

At 3 GHz (WiFi router frequenzy) it protects 45,2 dB.

Our canopy reduces the exposure of high frequency electromagnetic fields (HF).

Our canopy reduces the exposure of low-frequency alternating electric fields (LF).




The canopy is made out of the fabric “Silver Net Canopy Fabric.”

Nylon and silver.


To make a canopy 23,6 meters of fabric is used.

All canopies are individually produced and are Ehsshield’s own design.





Width: 220 cm.

Hight: 220 cm.

The floor cover is 300 cm * 300 cm.



Other sizes:

Other sizes can be ordered as a special order. You can order canopies for single beds, 1 1/2 beds, indoor parasols or other sizes. If you need your own sized canopy please write to ehsshieldcom@gmail.com and I’ll make a price based on an individual sized canopy.




The frame:

You can choose between:

  • Faraday cage with poles.
  • Faraday cage without poles.

It can also be hung up.



Tip for making your own frame:

The canopy can also be built up upon a very cheap pavilion frame from most DIY stores where you build it in size 213cm*213cm (from a 3m*3m pavilion. If you need help to this frame you can write to Ehsshield at “ehsshieldcom@gmail.com”. We can also buy it for you if you allow extra shipping cost. The height from a pavilion frame will typically then be 210 cm in the height and the width/length 220 cm * 220 cm.




Stock Status:

The faraday cage needs to be produced directly from our team. They are very fast. Please allow time for the production and the shipping.

Additional information

Weight 3,5 kg
Dimensions 70 × 50 × 30 cm

With poles, No poles