Reduce your Exposure!

How to reduce RF, microwave exposure in your daily life

1. Turn off your Wi-Fi router and hardwire your computer.

2. Hardwire your iPad, tablet, Macbook or Chromebook with the best suitable adapter.

3. Buy a landline telephone and redirect your mobile phone. You can redirect all calls when your mobile phone is disconnected or whenever you want it to. You get the redirection codes from your telecommunication company. There are two types of landline telephony: the digital (ip telephony) to connect with your internet router and the analogue one which has its own telephone line.

4. Use the speaker function on your mobile phone.

5. For private conversations use a headset.

6. Always remember to keep your mobile phone at a distance.

7. Get rid of your smart meter. Until that, wrap metal around the antenna. 

Please notice that the antenna may be hidden. Unfortunately, many people confuse the data reader with the antenna. Remember to measure the result with a measuring meter. Then you will come to the results and not false conclusions.

8. Don’t jump on scams, such as “magic jewelry or magic stickers”.

9. Remember to turn off the Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, mobile signal, hot spot signal, and put your devices on the fly mode!

10. Do not use microwave ovens! 

You can test if your microwave oven has a leaky glass by calling your mobile phone when it’s in the oven for testing.

11. Keep a distance! Keep away from Wi-Fi routers, cell towers, cell phones, and wireless devices.

12. Always use cables to computers, printers, keyboards and when charging etc.


How to reduce your exposure further

1. Metal shield your home. Consult experts in the field.

2. Shield your body with silver thread fabric that reduces microwave exposure. Silver is the best metal at shielding your body. Fabric with steel can also be used. (Do not use copper nor nickel on your skin.)

3. Place your mobile phone in an open metal case (eg. a Kelloggs’ metal box). By this, you will redirect the signal and avoid a direct exposure. Remember to measure the effect because if you only partly cover the signal then the mobile phone will simply increase its signal.

4. Turn off your mobile phone during transportation because mobile phones will constantly search for the nearest mobile mast.

5. Buy a shielding canopy for your bedroom.

6. Buy a measuring meter that can measure microwaves and other radio frequency signals. By this, you can measure where the signals come from, and you get feedback weather your shielding initiatives work or not. 7. Use a touch pen so you won’t touch the screens directly.

8. Use an airtube headset with low EMF. By this you can reduce the amount of microwaves coming to your head. You can even avoid electricity near your head.

Air Tube



Yours sincerely, Ehsshield


How To Reduce LF Electricity

How to reduce LF, electricity, and magnetic fields  in your daily life


1.  Please remember that RF, radiofrequencies including mobile phone radiation emit both electricity and magnetic fields in the air. 

So rule number 1 is always to reduce the exposure to radio frequencies.

Always choose electricity and magnetics fields through a cable and not through the air, because the radiaton through the air will also go through your body. 


2. You can keep a distance to electricity in general eg. plugs, cables, lamps.

Cables transport electricity and electricity always make magnetic fields.  

You can keep a distance of 1 meter to your cables including power/charging cables. 


3. Use low EMF products like internet (Ethernet) cables.

All Ethernet cables are low in electricity and magnetic fields compared to other wires and cables eg. chargers/ power cables.


4.  You can choose an Ethernet cable with further reduction of electricity and magnetic fields by buying one that is twisted and metal shielded.

“Twisted” and “twisted pair” means that the cables are twisted. By twisting the cables the +and – poles will be each others opposition, and by this the magnetic fields can be reduced a bit.


5. Use low EMF  adapters either on your wired tablet, Chromebook, or Ipad.

6.  Use your low EMF adapter without the charging cable being plugged when you sit in front of it.

All of Ehsshield´s adapters for tablets can be used without the charging cable. This is a special feature of the product. 

Please notice that “normal” charging cables are not low EMF. You can keep a distance og 1 meter to your charging cable.



7. Unplug your power cables when you´re sitting in front of your computer or wired tablet.


8. Unplug your power cable to your printer while sitting in front of your computer.

When printing sit 1 meter away of the printing cables.

The “normal” power cable (charging cable) is not a low EMF product. The cable can transport electricity and magnetic fields to your computer and your keyboard. By unplugging the cable it will not be able to transport electricity to your computer.



9.  Use the speaker phone on your landline telephone.


10. Use a caller airtube headset on your landline phone.


Airtube Caller headset

 11. Change LED light into halogen light bulbs.

You can buy halogen light bulbs in most DIY stores and shopping markets.


12. Use your anti-blue light glasses to reduce the exposure of blue light from artificial light.

  • use the red lenses at night.

  • use the yellow lenses in daytime in front of computers.

Anti blue Light Glasses




  • Yours sincerely, Ehsshield

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