EMF protection made with the best quality

Ehsshield makes clothing out of these shielding fabrics

68 dB Silver High Faraday

EMF Protection Dress

50 dB Silver High Antioxidation

5G Protection

48-52 dB Tulle Collection

Silver Tulle canopy shielding canopy

The fabric Tulle is known worldwide

Shielding Silver

Protection Scarf and Blanket
EMF shielding fabric, scarf and blanket

Silver Soft Collection

Long Sleeved EMR Protection Vest

EMF Protection Clothing

Silver High Faraday

“Silver High 68”

protects about 67,8 dB at 1 GHz.

This is the highest shielding efficiency.

At 20 GHz it protects 60,7 dB which is very very high!


New anti oxidation techniques on our newly designed shielding beanies, hoodies and shirts.

By this the silver lasts longer before it oxides. The oxidation process is slower and the clothing lasts longer.

We also combine silver with jersey fabrics so please do also take notice on our black protection jersey clothing and our multicoloured beanies.

Silver High EMR Protection
EMF Protection Dress

Anti Oxidation Collection

The zipped hoodie is made with an anti-oxidation technique so that the silver oxidises a bit slower than usual silver fabrics and silver clothing. Eventually, all silver will oxidise, but this fabrics anti-oxidation process takes a bit longer than usual fabrics.

The hooded cardigan comes with two different anti oxidation variations;

  • Silver Shiny Antioxidation and

  • Silver High Antioxidation.


Silver Shiny Antioxidation

Hooded cardigan with the fabric Silver Shiny Antioxidation

Image of an EMF Protection Hoodie with a hood

This hooded cardigan is made out of our Silver Shiny Antioxidation fabric.

The fabric protects about 53 dB at 1 GHz.


Because of the high silver prices this fabric is a more expensive choice.

Silver prices has unfortunately increased the many last years.

We are doing what we can to keep our prices low. 

Silver High Antioxidation

Hooded cardigan with the fabric Silver High Antioxidation

5G EMR Protection

This hooded cardigan is made out of our Silver High Antioxidation fabric.

The fabric protects about 50 dB at 1 GHz.

New Anti Oxidation Techniques

These leggings can also be used as long Johns.

They can be used both as the outer layer or as the inner layer underneath some other pants or even some other leggings.


Unisex: They are made to fit both men and women because of its stretchable fabric in 2/4 directions.

They have a high protection of 50 dB.


They are made in our anti-oxidation fabric that oxides a bit slower than other silver fabrics.

Silver Basic Dress

Anti Oxidation Dress

This dress is made of our anti oxidation fabric. It´s a very high quality. The best on the market.

Other silver fabrics

Tulle Collection

Silver Tulle

The fabric Tulle is known worldwide

The Silver Tulle fabric is a net fabric that’s used for scarves, headnets, conopies, and inside beanies as the inner layer.

The manufacturer of this fabric has slightly changed the colour from grey to grey/beige. You have probably seen this fabric looking a bit more gray, It’s still the same fabric with a huge amount of silver in it.

Silver Tulle products are not Ehsshield’s own design. We buy it from the manufacturer.

Not many resellers sell silver Tulle clothing. Most resellers sell Tulle canopies. The Tulle canopies are known worldwide.

Silver Tulle canopy shielding canopy
Silver Tulle canopy shielding canopy


You may not find the Tulle clothing elsewhere.

Here you can see that our “Tulle Beanie” has the fabric “Tulle” in it.

Silver Tulle Beanie for EMF protection
Silver Tulle Beanie

Shielding Silver

An incredible EMF protection  fabric

This fabric is perfect for scarves, blankets, and bedding.

  • The fabric has a very high shielding effectiveness.

  • It’s almost wrinkle free.

  • It oxides less / more slowly than other silver products because of the way it’s wowen.

  • It has a beutiful soft pink colour.

  • Grey can be ordered.


EMF shielding fabric, scarf and blanket
Shielding Fabric

Silver Soft Collection

Silver soft Collection is a part of Ehsshield collection made of soft and high shielding grey fabric.

The softness of Silver Soft feels lovely against the skin.

Silver soft has a high shielding ability of 50 dB.

The clothing is ideal for every day clothing at your job, when relaxing, when going to the city, when you´re enjoing nature, when doing sports, and the clothing is even suitable for bathing.

We used to have many types of protective clothing in this fabric. Now, you can order the clothing as a special order. Our new favourite fabrics are our Silver Anti Oxidation and silver High Faraday fabrics. 

Our Silver Beanie is perfect as a protection to your head. It’s stretchable and can fit tightly to your skin so no radiation will slip through.

It can be used both as an outer layer or as an inner layer combined with other beanies.

Ehsshield offers the best possible and highest shielding EMR protection on the market !