A harsh city life?

Reduce the exposure to your head!

How can I reduce the exposure to my head?

Silver and aluminium can have a shielding effect on EMR (Electromagnetic Radiation) like Wi-Fi, baby monitors, mobile masts, and  other EMR.  Use it wisely!

Aluminium is very flexible and can make a thick, tight, and strong layer of metal to help you protect your head! People wearing aluminium hats, the so called tin foil hats, has been ridiculed and bullied because of ignorance and prejudices. . but for those suffering from microwaves and other radiofrequencies a tin foil hat can be the best choice.

Ehsshield offers a huge variation of protective hats. Silver and aluminium can reduce the amount of microwaves. You can find a hat, a cap, a beanie, or a hoodie, or you can combine those. 

Welcome to a new generation of shielding hats! 

A journey back to life..

Silver beanies with a perfect fit!

The beanie is with a 5 cm bend to adjust the forehead protection!

This means that the beanie can cover all of your forehead. You can adjust it so it will fit your forehead just the way you want it.


Silver Modal Beanie

Silver Soft collection can be used for bathing.

Remember to wash the salt water out of the fabric afterwards to avoid too much oxidation.

Silver Modal Beanie

This lovely silver beanie is made out of the softest modal fabric and has an inner layer of shielding silver fabric. 

It can be quite a challenge to wear a shielding hat without being noticed, but with this beanie it´s possible! It has the style of regular beanies, fits the head perfectly, and the silver fabric has a protection against microwaves of 38 dB.

The beanie is available in different colours!

Modal Silver Beanie


Give your head the absolute best protection with this high shielding beanie!’

You can choose between two fabrics:

  • Silver High Antioxidation protects 50 dB at 1 GHz.

  • Silver High 68 protects about 68 dB at 1 GHz.


Leblok cap

EMF Protection Baseball Cap

Leblok Hat

When you need to protect your face!

Leblok headnet.  

This headnet protects 50 dB.

You can see througt the fabric.  

These hats has an inner layer of aluminium foil that protects 68,8 dB at 1 GHz!

The alu foil is with adhesive and is easily cut with a pair of scissors. This means you can turn any hat into a shielding hat just by adding this aluminium layer!

You can make your own beanie or inner hat by sewing it out of this elastic fabric. It´s stretchable in all directions (4/4) and is very easy to work with! It has a very high shielding effectiveness of 50 dB!

Can either be sewed on a sewing machine or manually.

Image of an EMF Protection beanie

We have two variations of Silver High fabrics. Both are ideal for making beanies.

  • Silver High Antioxidation. Protects 50 dB at 1 GHz.

  • Silver High 68. Protects 58 dB at 1 GHz.

The inner layer is made out of Silver High (Silver High Antioxidation).

The outer layer is made out of a silver modal layer of your choise.

Get a thicker hat

You can make a thicker hat by combining the shielding products.

You can make an aluminium hat with household aluminium foil and wrap a professional 68,8 dB protective aluminium foil on top of it.

Underneath you can wear a soft high shielding hat made out of silver. You can choose to sew it yourself or buy a silver beanie (Silver High, Silver Elastic, or Silver Soft).

On top of it all you can add your own hat to make your thick shielding hat look stylish. Have you thought about using the EMF Protection Beanie? It´s very suitable for this purpose because it combines style with quality!



Image of a real Tin foil hat that protects against mobile phone radiation

How do I fold an aluminium hat?

Use household aluminium or thick household aluminium.

Thick household aluminium makes it faster to make the hat.

This is how you fold it:

  1. Start with normal household aluminium. Make the sheets long enough to go 1 1/2 times around your head.

  2. Fold the extra width of the sheet down on one side of your head. It´s a good idea to fold the extra width down different places on the head so it won´t get too thick one place. Let the shape follow your head´s shape.

  3. Press the layers together with your hands.

  4. Continue wrapping layers around your head. You can add the thick aluminium layers if you like.

  5. Press the layers together. Press your head, wearing the hat, up against something hard like a wall. You can use a towel to protect the wall.

  6. Continue wrapping layers around your head and press them together.

  7. It´s important that the hat will fit 100 % tightly to your head.

  8. It´s important that the hat protects all of your forehead. It must cover your eyebrows too in order to protect your forehead.

  9. Fold some layers that will go down the back of your head (this is not shown on the picture) in order to protect the back of your head.

  10. Use a silver beanie underneath the hat (Silver High, Silver Elastic or Silver Soft). https://ehsshield.com/product/silver-high-beanie/

  11. Use a silver beanie on top of the hat (Silver High, Silver Elastic, or Silver Soft) and fold it all around the hat to the inside of the hat. By this you´ll avoid that the aluminium will be visible. By this people will not be able to see that you´re wearing an aluminium hat.

  12. Find a cover hat to put on top to make it look nice.

Hoodie with pockets.

Protects 38 dB at 1 GHz.


You can create your own hoodie in silver modal fabric in various colours or black silver cotton fabric.

Protects 38 dB at 1 GHz.

Hoodie with pockets.

Silver Shiny Antioxidation 

Protects 50 dB at 1 GHz.


Hoodie with pockets.

Silver High Antioxidation 

Protects 50 dB at 1 GHz.


Protects about 45 dB at 1 GHz.


Protect yourself from microwaves and radio frequencies! Use high shielding clothes!