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The highest shielding products in the world

Approved assistive technology seller by the EU

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As an approved assistive technology seller in Denmark and the EU Ehsshield offers you the best EMF protection products. We call it shielding aid and we’re here to help people shielding against wireless technologies.

We’re proud to announce that we’re the only approved assistive technology seller in the field of EMF protection.

We’re also a green tech company offering you wired connections like network adapters and air tube headsets.

We have the highest shielding clothing

Our new shielding jersey clothing has a shielding efficiency at 67,8 db at 1 GHz. 

Welcome to Ehsshild – the ultimate destination for EMF shielding solutions

Prioritize your well-being and embrace a safer future with our exceptional EMF/EMR/RF protection products.

We offer silver jersey shielding clothing in black that has a shielding efficiency at 67,8 db at 1 GHz. 

Wrap yourself in stylish protection with our EMF protection clothing, shielding you from harmful electromagnetic fields in today’s connected world.

Fashion meets function with our EMF protection clothing, and offers defense against electromagnetic radiation.

Ehsshield does!

Our EMF protection clothing and Faraday blankets are made out of the highest shielding fabric on the market today, which is ensuring the highest level of protection available.

Stay confidently stylish with our fashion-forward EMF protection clothing, combining trendsetting designs with optimal EMF defense.

We offer the highest shielding faraday fabrics and clothing

Our Faraday Silver High fabric protects 67,8 dB at 1 GHz

Less oxidation

We use a new unique anti oxidation technique in some of our clothes.

This means our anti radiation clothing oxides a bit slower than other fabrics.

Shielding t-shirt
Silver Modal Skirt
Leblok Hoodie

Are you on the hunt for extraordinary EMF protection against wireless technologies? 

Your search ends here! At Ehsshild, we ‘re offering the world’s highest level of shielding products, providing shielding against mobile phone radiation generated by wireless devices.

Only the best EMF protective defense is good enough for Ehsshield!

We now offer black jersey shirts and hoodies with a 100% silver fabric that protects 67,8 dB at 1 GHz which is the highest EMF shielding effectiveness.

We produce our own clothes. Our brand is Ehsshield

We also sell Leblok clothing. Leblok is known for high quality EMF clothes.

Some of our clothing is made with OEKO-TEX silver fibres.

Image of a Faraday Cage Tent
Shielding canopy | Pyramidal | SILVER-COTTON
Faraday cage Canopy

Explore our diverse range of EMF protection clothing and Faraday cages, which is tailored to meet your needs for protection.

We offer high shielding quality products at a fair price.

Some of our products can be seen on other websites, but we sell them quite cheaper. 

– some of the shielding canopies actually very cheaper.

We also have unique products you don’t see anywhere else.

Silver Tulle Canopy has a shielding effectiveness between 48-52 dB at 1 GHz.

Silver Tulle at a better price

Faraday cage -our own design

Ehsshield has made this tent a faradag tent with our unique design.

Unfortunately, our design has been copied. 

This canopy tent  is made out of a fabric that protects about 51 dB at 1GHz, which is the highest shielding.

Our faraday tent is light with a beautiful beige- grey color and fits most modern homes.

When you choose big faraday tens or faraday canopies you may be able to feel freedom again.

Our unique faraday blanket can be wrapped all around of your body and even head.

It’s easy to see through and breathe through this uniques fabric.

A shielding effectiveness of 68,8 dB at 1 GHz is the highest ever seen on the EMF market.

Use the blanket as a scarf and you’ll always have protection at you.

Faraday blanket protects 67,8 dB at 1 GHz

EMF protection beanie
Picture of an EMF Protection Hood
Leblok Cap

We have so many shielding hats, beanies, faraday hats, tin foil hats, shielding hoods, protection caps oa. 

We produce our own shielding beanies. Some with 1 layer and others with 2 to give the best shielding against EMF/RF/EMR.

Protection Scarf and Blanket
EMF Protection Scarves
EMF protection scarf in black

You’ll have the best  combination of protection by combining an EMF scarf and an EMF blanket.

Ehsshield offers so many different EMF scarves and blankets that you can choose the color, size, and style you like.

We both have our 67,8 dB at 1GHz faraday scarf/blanket and we have our anti- oxidative scarf.

We have jersey scarves in modal or cotton and some are made of OEKO-TEX Standard certified fabric.

We ship to all of the world from Europe. We have multiple language translation.

The highest Protection