Environmental health & safety

Protect your respiratory system

How can I reduce the exposure to my throat?

Air slips through more easily

Ideal for:

Ideal for protection of your neck and throat against mobile phone radiation.

This fabric is the easiest of all to breathe through.

Headnet from Leblok


Extra Long Headnet from Ehsshield

EMR Protection Headnet

This scarf is thicker than the silver scarves so you can:

Fold your scarf and breath through it from a distance from your mouth.

Scarf to protect your neck.

Because the stainless steel in the scarf makes the scarf a bit stiff (but still soft when it touches your skin) it’s easy to fit and manipulate it  they way you like it to fit.

When you wrap it around your mouth or nose it’s quite nice to breathe through. Because of the stiffness you can put in around your mouth or nose without it touches it. By this it may look “natural“ by others to look at. This means you can breathe through the scarf without it even touches your nose or mouth. You can also sleep with it in this way.


These two fabrics are identical. One picture is zoomed in and the other is not zoomed in. One side of the fabric is a bit more smooth than the other side. The picture to the left is taken in the sun where the sun makes the silver shine.

The fabric can be used to make scarves, Faraday blankets, and canopies .

  • Silver High Antioxidation. Protects 67,8 dB at 1 GHz.

Ideal for EMF respiratory protection because you can breathing through the fabric.

  • Silver High Antioxidation. Protects 67,8 dB at 1 GHz.

You can breath through and see through this fabric so it is ideal as a Faraday blanket.

We have two variations of Silver High fabrics. They can be used af scarves, Faraday blankets, and canopies .

  • Silver High Antioxidation protects 67,8 dB at 1 GHz.

EMF Protection Mask is made out of our hightest shielding fabric.

  • Silver High Faraday protects 67,8 dB at 1 GHz.

This mask/turtleneck is made of silver modal fabric that protects 43 dB at 1 GHz.

It comes in various colours

This protection face mask both protects your head and your respiratory system.

Ideal for sleeping at night.

This Canopy for Umbrella is designed so you can walk around in your own canopy. This is very useful when 5G are put up or an antenna is nearby.

This gives you an opportunity to walk around and be movable while still being in a shield.

This walking canopy is made of a fabric that protects 49-51,4 dB at around 1GHz. That’s 99,999%.

Please notice that this canopy is made of a fabric with a very high protection. The fabric protects 39,7 dB at 10 GHz.

At 3 GHz (WiFi router frequenzy and many new masts emit with 2,6 GHz) it protects 45,2 dB.


Protect yourself from microwaves and radio frequencies! Use high shielding fabric and clothes!