• Adapters, Ethernet, and Airtube

    Adapters, Ethernet, and Airtube (18)

    Ethernet Cable Adapters Airtube Wired network Ethernet cables and wired network. Hardwire your tablet with the right adapter. Use airtube with the lowest possbile EMF. We have the best ethernet cables. USB to ethernet, rj45, and cables-
  • Anti blue Light Glasses

    Anti blue Light Glasses (9)

    Anti blue Light Glasses Computer glasses  
  • Bedding

    Bedding (11)

    Faraday EMF Protection Bedding EMF Protection EMF protection sheets EMF radiation blanket Bedding, duvet covers, floor cover, blankets, and sheets.
  • EMF Clothing for Children

    EMF Clothing for Children (25)

    EMF Protection for Children. All of the styles are in children´s sizes
  • EMF Other

    EMF Other (16)

    Shielding materials Other EMF protection products
  • EMF Protection

    EMF Protection (178)

    EMF Protection All products Buy EMF shielding products: faraday cage, EMF protection clothing, bedding, RFID, computer glasses, cables and adapters, 5G protection and other protective EMF clothing.
  • EMF Protection Clothing

    EMF Protection Clothing (89)

    EMF Protection Clothing EMF protection EMF shielding 5G Protection RF Protection Ehsshield offers fashionable EMF protection clothing. The fabrics contain silver threads and reduces the exposure of mobile phone radiation, 5G, Wi-Fi, antennas, smart meters, and other radio frequencies.
  • EMR Protection Fabric

    EMR Protection Fabric (22)

    EMF protection Fabric Shielding fabric Silver Tulle Faraday fabric We have silver and stainless steel fabrics. Many colour variations. Some are cotton, others are nylon, polyester, modal or stretchable. Used for clothing or for shielding your home. We also have fabrics for Faraday cages.
  • Faraday cage

    Faraday cage (10)

    Faraday cage Faraday canopy Faraday tent EMF Protection Silver Tulle Faraday tents and faraday canopies against mobile phone radiation, 5G, wifi, and other RF/RFR frequencies. Reduce your exposure and have a good night's sleep. We have a variation in size and how many doors you need. Our best fabrics protect between 51-52 dB at 1 GHz. You can see through…
  • Metal and Foil

    Metal and Foil (6)

    EMF Protection Shielding EMF Protection Metal Shielding Metal Metal Mesh Shielding fence Metal for Faraday Cages Copper mesh, stainless steel mesh, bronce mesh, and brass mesh
  • RFID Wallet

    RFID Wallet (5)

    RFID Protection RFID Wallet Credit card protection
  • Samples

    Samples (9)

    Shielding Products Samples