Canopy for umbrella

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Full body Shielding Cover

Protects about 51 dB at 1 GHz.



Full body Shielding Cover

Umbrella Canopy

Walking canopy for umbrella


5G Canopy

EMF Shielding Canopy

EMF protection product.


This canopy for umbrella gives a high protection.

It is designed so you can walk around in your own canopy. This is very useful when 5G are put up. or an antenna is nearby. This gives you an opportunity to walk around and be movable while still being in a shield.

You can also use it without an umbrella and then just put it on your head. It’s a full body protection canopy.

This canopy for umbrella reduces the exposure of mobile phone radiation like wifi, 5G, antennas, mobile phones, smart meters, Bluetooth, and wireless devices.


One layer.

Best quality ever.

Highest shielding canopy net on the market.

No doors, you just simply but it on an umbrella and put it around you.




Light beige. (Light beige grey).




Nylon, silver.

The umbrella canopy is made out of the fabric “Silver Net Canopy Fabric.”




This walking canopy is made of a fabric that protects about 51 dB at 1 GHz.

That’s 99,999%.

Please notice that this canopy is made of a fabric with a very high protection. The fabric protects 39,7 dB at 10 GHz.

At 3 GHz (WiFi router frequenzy and many new masts emit with 2,6 GHz) it protects 45,2 dB.

Our canopies reduces the exposure of high frequency electromagnetic fields (HF).

Our canopies reduces the exposure of low-frequency alternating electric fields (LF).


All canopies are individually produced and are Ehsshield’s own design.




Fits a standard umbrella fan.

It goes from the umbrella top and all the way to your knees while you´re holding the umbrella.

Length from the umbrella fan: about 165 cm from the umbrella fan and down.

This means it will fit while you´re holding an umbrella.



Please notice:

  • Please notice that the umbrella is not included. You have to use your own umbrella.
  • We recommend that you use a bamboo umbrella.
  • Please be careful of sharp edges.
  • We´re sorry, we couldn’t take a better picture of the canopy. We tried to take a picture while it was on a tree, to hold it. The canopy is huge, straight up and down.



Stock Status:

The Canopy for umbrella needs to be produced directly from our team. They are very fast. Please allow time for the production and the shipping.