Ultima Fabric

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Ultima protects 41 dB.

Shielding fabric.



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Ultima fabric

Canopies (baldachins).
Room dividers.

Cotton, 18% copper/ silver.

Ultima protects 41dB.

Attenuation dB / %

10 dB = 90 %
20 dB = 99 %
30 dB = 99.9 %
40 dB = 99.99 %
50 dB = 99.999 %
60 dB = 99.9999%

White (slightly off white).

2.5 m

Washable at 30 degrees.

Handle with care. Keep the fabric away from acids. Do not bleach. Do not heat on radiators.

Please note: Please note, that the canopy (baldachin) on the picture is not included. This product is fabric and not a finished item.

Order quantity: 1 means 1 meter in the length. 2 means 2 meter in the length. 3 means 3 meter in the length  and so on.

How to order: Write your order to ehsshieldcom@gmail.com

Stock status: This product is currently out of stock, but can be bought on backorder. Minimum order 5 (5 meters). Please allow extra delivery time.


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