Stainless Steel Scarf

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Stainless steel Scarf protects 33 dB.




Stainless Steel Scarf

EMR Protection Scarf



30% Steel Fiber Fabric

Specification: 30% Steel Fiber + 30% Cotton + 40% Polyester



Size variations :

  • About 40 cm * 160 cm.
  • About 20 cm * 160 cm.
  •  About 100 cm * 100 cm.



10MHz-3GHz (≥33dB)


Color variations:

Dark purple, dark pink, light pink, mint green (light green), black

It´s the same colour on both sides.



220-230g per square meter.



Scarf to protect your neck.

Because the stainless steel in the scarf makes the scarf a bit stiff (but still soft when it touches your skin) it’s easy to fit and manipulate it  they way you like it to fit.

When you wrap it around your mouth or nose it’s quite nice to breathe through. Because of the stiffness you can put in around your mouth or nose without it touches it. By this it may look “natural“ by others to look at. This means you can breathe through the scarf without it even touches your nose or mouth. You can also sleet with it in this way.

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Mint green, Black, Dark purple, Dark pink, Light pink


About 40 cm * 160 cm, About 20 cm * 160 cm, About 100 cm * 100 cm


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