Aluminium foil with adhesive

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Protection against microwaves.

This aluminium foil protects between 61 dB-82,8 dB in the range between 13,56 MHz – 3000 MHz.



Aluminum foil with adhesive.

Colour: Silver.

Material: Aluminium and fiberglass.

Width: 1 m.

Thickness: 0.21 mm.


In the range between 13,56 MHz – 3000 MHz the foil’s test result is protection between 61 dB-82,8 dB.

The foil protects 68,8 dB at 1 GHz (99,999987 %).


The foil is originally made for RFID protection.

Ideal for wallets (RFID protection).

Ideal for ceiling, walls, and room dividers.

Can be used when you are making your own aluminium hat (“Tin Foil Hat”). Can be used as an extra layer on top of some aluminium foil. Can also be used inside hats.

Please note:

Please note that the hats are not included when buying this aluminium foil with adhesive. The pictures are used to show that you can use the foil to turn most hats into aluminium hats.

When used inside hats the foil needs to be changed into a new aluminium layer after some time.

Please do not use the adhesive directly on the skin.


When ordering 1 you’ll get 1 meter’s length.

When ordering 2 you’ll get 2 meter’s length, and so on.

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