Faraday tent

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Faraday Cage

Protects about 51 dB at 1 GHz



Faraday Cage

Faraday Tent

EMF Protection Tent

Shielding Tent

Our faraday tent reduces the exposure of mobile phone radiation like wifi, 5G, antennas, mobile phones, smart meters, Bluetooth, and wireless devices.


This Faraday tent gives a very high protection. It´s the hightest on the market.

All canopies and tents are individually produced and are Ehsshield’s own design.











Beige grey





Nylon, silver.

The indoor tent is made out of the fabric “Silver Net Canopy Fabric.”





The canopy tent  is made out of a fabric that protects about 51 dB dB at 1GHz.

That’s 99,999%.

Please notice that this protective tent is made of a fabric with a very high protection. The fabric protects 39,7 dB at 10 GHz.

At 3 GHz (WiFi router frequenzy) it protects 45,2 dB.

Our Faraday tent reduces the exposure of high frequency electromagnetic fields (HF).

Our Faraday tent reduces the exposure of low-frequency alternating electric fields (LF).




Hight: Up to 165 cm.

The Faraday tent comes in two sizes and this is the one for  a 1 1/2 bed.


  • 200 cm * 150 cm.






This is a real Faraday cage.

With this Faraday Indoor Tent it’s easier to travel and spending the night elsewhere eg. hospitals, hotel rooms, or at your friend’s house.

With this canopy tent you can put a big mattress sized 200 cm *150 cm inside the tent because there’s a little extra fabric to make this possible.

Can also be used for guests, your pets, a play tent, or as a resting place for you and your family.

Have you thought about using the tent on the floor or on a bed? Both is actually possible.

The tent has an extra layer around the zipper both inside and outside of the tent. On this picture you can see the layer behind the zipper from the inside. By this, microwaves will not pass through the tent´s zipper.


Why is it an indoor tent and not for outdoor usage?

Because the silver needs to be treated carefully away from the sun and dirt.


If you need your own sized tent or canopy please write to ehsshieldcom@gmail.com and I’ll make a price based on an individual sized canopy.




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Please Notice:

Our Faraday tent is a unique product and it´s our own design.

It has the absolute highest shielding and it´s the highest shielding in the world.



Additional information

Weight3 kg
Dimensions70 × 50 × 30 cm

200 cm * 150 cm


1 door, 2 doors