Silver High Antioxidation

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Silver High Antioxidation protects 50 dB at 1 GHz.


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EMF Protection Fabric

Shielding High Protection Fabric

EMF fabric


This fabric is absolutely one of the best EMF protection fabrics on the market.

It can se used for clothing, blankets, faraday blankets, scarves, hoodies, protective pants, and all you need when it comes to shielding against wireless technologies.




Material and techniques:

100 % silver fibre is made out of nylon and silver.

The fabric is made with an anti-oxidation technique so that the silver oxidises a bit slower than usual silver fabrics and silver clothing. Eventually, all silver will oxidise, but this fabric’s anti-oxidation process takes a bit longer than usual fabrics. 

Stretchable especially in 2/4 directions which means in the width, but actually it can be stretched in all directions (4/4).

Ideal for clothing.

Slightly, you can see through the fabric if you hold it in front of your head.

Just cut the fabric, and it’s ready for use! You don’t even have to sew it.



The fabric protects 50 dB at 1 GHz.

The fabric is 5G tested up to 40 GHz.



Colour: Grey.


Width: 150 cm.



100 g/㎡




Can be used for canopies. Do you want to sleep in a slightly dark room? Use the fabric to make a grey canopy with a very high protection. The highest protection for a canopy on the market!

Ideal for making your own Faraday blanket to wrap your whole body in. You can see through the fabric, so you can also wrap it around your head if necessary. You can also breathe through the fabric. For making a big Faraday blanket 4 meter is recommended.

Ideal for scarves.

You can make your own clothes too.



Attenuation dB / %

10 dB = 90 %
20 dB = 99 %
30 dB = 99.9 %
40 dB = 99.99 %
50 dB = 99.999 %
60 dB = 99.9999%



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