Headnet and Shoulder Protection

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Big Silver Headnet

Protects about 50 dB at 1 GHz.

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Big EMR Protection Headnet

Sleeping Headnet

WiFi Router EMR Protection Cover

gives a high protection.



Nylon, silver fibres.

The headnet and shoulder protection is made out of the fabric “Silver Canopy Net”.


Colour: Light beige grey.



  • Length: 63 cm
  • Width at the top: about 34 cm
  • Width at the bottom line: 70 cm



protects 49-51,4 dB at around 1GHz.

That’s 99,999%.

Please novice that this fabric has a very high protection. The fabric protects 39,7 dB at 10 GHz.

At 3 GHz (WiFi router frequenzy) it protects 45,2 dB.



Ideal as a sleeping headnet because it’s big enough to cover the top of the shoulders. This means you can use it together with a duvet/duvet cover or a faraday blanket.
Ideal as a WiFi router cover.