USB Internet Adapter

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Network Adapter USB 3.0
Ethernet Adapter USB 3.0

Internet adapter USB 3.0
Superspeed Internet Adapter




The port is USB.
USB 3.0

This is a “normal” standard USB port. Standard USB type A.


Connection to:

  • internet (Ethernet).




Network adapter that allows your tablet or computer with an USB port to get connected to the internet.
It is compatible with almost all of the operating systems on the market.

High speed internet (10/100/1000M network).


Low EMF:

Please notice that this adapter works with an internet cable without you have to use a charger at the same time. This is a huge advantage because “normal” chargers from other companies have a high magnetic field.

This adapter has a low magnetic field in itself.




  • CE
  • FCC



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