Blueendless Adapter USB-C 9 in 1 Hub

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Blueendless Network Adapter 9 in 1

Connection to the internet (via Ethernet).



Blueendless Network Adapter USB-C 9 in 1 Hub

Blueendless Network Adapter


Wired Internet



This adapter is for USB-C.

USB-C is the standard port for all devises in the EU including all new computers, tablets, Chromebooks, and MacBooks.

The adapter is a low EMF product because of the way it is constructed.



  • Internet (Ethernet)
  • HDMI
  • 3 USB ports (Superspeed USB 3.0)
  • 2 different card readers.
  • Audio (headphone jack).
  • USB-C



USB 3.0:

There are three USB (USB-A)  connections in the case. It is Superspeed USB 3.0.

It can read both new and old USB equipment.




The USB-C port in the case has multifunctional purposes:  It can be used for data transfer or for charging your computer/device. You can also connect other extern equipment.




The connection to the internet goes via port E45 (Ethernet). By this the adapter will connect the device to the modem (or another internet connection) via an Ethernet cable.

When you use the Ethernet (your wired internet) you can turn off WiFi.




  • Aluminium case.
  • low EMF cable made out of plastic and metal.


See picture for the types of devices this adapter is tested on.



  • CE (both EMC and ROHS).
  • FCC



Please notice:

Please notice that this adapter can be used together with an airtube earphone or an airtune caller headset because the adapter has an audio headphone jack.