Anti Blue Light Glasses. Hathor

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Anti blue light glasses.

550 nm.

To wear in the afternoon and at night to block blue light from artificial light (e.g. LED light) and screens.

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Colour: Red (red orange).

Brand: Ra Optics (USA).

Ra Optics writes:

Nocturnal Red:

Our Nocturnal Red Tint blocks all frequencies of light below 550 nm (all blue and green light), which can suppress melatonin levels, disrupting our circadian rhythm, damaging sleep & mitochondrial function, leading to accelerated aging and disease. It is the highest quality optical tint on the market.

Wear these glasses anytime ambient artificial lighting is “whiter” (higher blue content) or brighter than sunlight, especially after sunset, to protect your melatonin levels. They can also be worn during daytime to protect your eyes and hormones while under abrasive fluorescent, CFL, or LED lighting.