Stainless Steel Floor Mat

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Stainless Steel Floor Mat protects 33 dB.

EMR Protection Stainless Steel Floor Cover/ Mat for Canopy/ Blanket/ under Carpet Mat/ Sheet.

Protects 35 dB at 1 GHz.




Stainless Steel Floor Mat

EMR Protection Stainless Steel Floor Cover

EMR Protection Stainless Steel Mat for Canopy

EMR Protection Stainless Steel Blanket

EMR Protection Stainless Steel under Carpet Mat
EMR Protection Stainless Steel Sheet





30% Steel Fiber Fabric

Specification: 30% Steel Fiber + 30% Cotton + 40% Polyester





300*300 cm





10MHz-3GHz (≥35dB)

The Stainless Steel Floor Mat is made out of stainless steel fabric that protects 35 dB at 1 GHz.




Color variations:

Bordeaux, light pink, dark blue, black, mint green

It´s the same colour on both sides.

Please notice that we do not sell dark purple anymore because we have changed the colour to bordeaux.

This is how our new colour looks like:





220-230g per square meter.





Ideal underneath a carpet or on the floor.

Ideal for bedding.

Ideal to use with a canopy.

Can be used as a blanket.





Washing instructions:

Handle with care!

The stainless steel fabrics can be ironed at 1 degree 1, the lowest temperature. Still handle with care when it comes to heat!

Washable at 30-40 degrees. We recommend that you use Leblok´s  washing powder or washing liquid for wool.

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Mintgreen, Black, Bordeaux, Dark blue, Light pink


148 cm* 250 cm, 300 cm* 300 cm