Silver Modal collection

Our Modal Collection clothing  is made out of modal fabric. We have two different types and many different colours.

The two types are:

  • a 38 dB protection clothing.

  • and a 42 dB protection clothing.

The 38 dB Silver Modal Collection

Modal 37 dB

The 42 dB Silver Modal Collection

Long Sleeved RF Protection Vest

Different Long Sleeved Vest styles:

  • V-neck

  • Round neck.

  • Turtleneck.

  • Cardigan with zipper.

  • Hoodie


Modal Skirt

The model is wearing a pink silver modal skirt. It has a 37 dB protection against microwaves (mobile phone radiation). Underneath the skirt she is wearing a Silver Soft pair of long johns/leggings covered with a pair of leggings. She is wearing a protective Modal Top and a Modal Silver Scarf made of the same fabric as the Silver Skirt

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