A new way of living..

This is the best canopy on the market!

  • It has got the best protection with 50 dB!

  • It is made out of net you easily can see trough!

  • It´s quite cheap! You won´t get the same quality, size, and shielding efficiency anywhere but here!

  • It´s made out of a beautiful beige fabric!

  • It is very modern with its light colour and the straight lines!

Image of a Faraday Cage Tent

This is a high protection 50 dB tent.


  • Sleep in it on the floor.

  • Sleep in it on your bed.

  • Carry it with you at a hotel room, your friend´s house or on your vacation!

  • Use it as a play tent.

Have you thought about using this light grey fabric on the walls or in your house? It blends perfectly with a white wall!

This is a high protection 50 dB tent 200 * 180 cm.