Copper and Nickel Foil

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Protects ≥65 dB.

High EMF protection.

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Weight 90g/sqm
Material: PET (polyester)/Ni+Cu
Width: 135 cm
Shielding Effectiveness: ≥65db
Thickness: 0.08mm
Shielding Frequency: 99.99% blocking

1. Machine washable with cold water (below 30 centi-degree).
2. Do not iron
3. No bleaching
4. No chemical dry-cleaning

Application :
Plain radiation protection can be used in high frequency electromagnetic shielding conductive cloth such as mobile communications, EMI (electromagnetic interference), and Rfid blocking textile.

Can be used as protection for walls, room dividers, telecommunication protection bags, and wallets with RFID protection.

Note: Can not be used for clothing. Do not use nickel directly on your skin.


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