Silver High, Silver Soft, Silver Polyester, Silver Nylon, and Silver Net. When you order 1, it means that you order the length 1 meter of the fabric.

Silver High protects 65 dB Colour: Grey With: 150 cm Thickness: 0,28 mm Material: 81% nylon, 19% silver. Silver High can be stretched in two direction. Silver Soft can be stretched in all directions. Silver Polyester can not be stretched.

Stainless steel

Stainless steel Fabric protects 31 dB. Material: 30 % stain less steel, 70 % T/C Width: 150 cm.

Other metal fabrics

The white fabric "Ultima" contains both copper and silver. It has a high protection of 41 dB.

Make your own canopy!

The video you can see underneath this column is a test of a canopy made from Swiss Shield fabric. Swiss Shield has developed several fabrics made for canopies. Our web-shop offers you the BEST shielding fabric. The fabric "Ultima" in the Ehsshield web-shop has a higher amount of copper and silver than the fabric shown in this video. Get the best quality, choose the fabric "Ultima" from Swiss Shield, or choose an even higher shielding fabric with silver. You can see the shielding effectiveness in dB in the web-shop.

Handle with care

EMF protection fabrics.

Care, washing and maintenance method:
Washable at 30 degrees.

Handle with care. Keep the fabric away from acids. Do not bleach. Do not heat on radiators.

Washing with neutral detergent.
Wash gently; when using washing machine, please adopt gentle washing procedure and keep unidirectional washing. No spin dry, no wringing, dry it by airing;
Non bleaching;
Don’t expose it to the sun.

Special tips: Please leave it in dry place when not in use. 

Please note, that the amount of metal will decrease in time.

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