Ehsshield fabrics


Silver High, Silver Soft, Silver Polyester, Silver Nylon, Silver Modal, and Silver Net. When you order 1, it means that you order the length 1 meter of the fabric.
One of Ehsshield`s favourite fabrics is Silver High.
Wrap it all around you and you have a Faraday blanket!

Stainless steel

Stainless steel Fabric protects 31 dB. Material: 30 % stain less steel, 70 % T/C Width: 150 cm.

Other metal fabrics

The white fabric "Ultima" contains both copper and silver. It has a high protection of 41 dB.

Handle with care

EMF protection fabrics.

Care, washing and maintenance method:
Washable at 30 degrees.

Handle with care. Keep the fabric away from acids. Do not bleach. Do not heat on radiators.

Washing with neutral detergent.
Wash gently; when using washing machine, please adopt gentle washing procedure and keep unidirectional washing. No spin dry, no wringing, dry it by airing;
Non bleaching;
Don’t expose it to the sun.

Special tips: Please leave it in dry place when not in use. 

Please note, that the amount of metal will decrease in time.

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