Ehsshield proudly presents our own collection!

Ehsshield Collection

Silver Modal Skirt

Silver Modal collection

Our Modal Collection clothing  is made out of modal fabric. We have two different types and many different colours.

The two types are:

  • a 38 dB protection clothing.

  • and a 42 dB protection clothing.

The 38 dB Silver Modal Collection

Modal 37 dB

The 42 dB Silver Modal Collection

Long Sleeved RF Protection Vest

Silver Soft collection

Silver soft Collection is a part of Ehsshield collection made of soft and high shielding grey fabric.

The softness of Silver Soft feels lovely against the skin.

Silver soft has a high shielding ability of 50 dB.

The clothing is ideal for every day clothing at your job, when relaxing, when going to the city, when you´re enjoing nature, when doing sports, and the clothing is even ideal for bathing and swimming.

Did you know that the Silver Soft collection is also ideal for bathing and swimming?​

Baby and Kids´ Collection


Classical Looking

Classical looking is quite something when it comes to protective/shielding clothing. Traditional protective clothes can frankly look quite dull and different from fashionable clothing.

Enter a new world of protective fashionable clothing!

Let´s make EMF shielding clothes look absolutely great!


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