My vision

EMF protection

can make a difference for the person, that needs protection from environmental pollution -microvawes and other electric magnetic radiation.

Ehsshield is here to provide basis protection against microwaves from wireless technologies.

We are here to give solutions that will fit the modern user and bring design into EMF protection products.



Silver Shiny

About the company

Through the years, I´ve talked to many people who experience challenges and problems with wireless technologies. Many experience severe symptoms from being around Wi-Fi, mobile phones, smart meters, cell towers (masts), and other EMF sources (electro magnetic fields). I´ve studied the field, what the science say about EMF, especially microwaves ways to harm the human body.

Now, I´m looking forward to bring that knowledge into play, and develop interesting products.

Assistive Technology Data


European Assistive Technology Information Network. Aids for handicapped and disabled people in Europe. Ehsshield is a new supplier on Eastin.

Assistive Technology Data Denmark

Ehsshield sell aids for handicapped and disabled people.
Ehsshield is a new supplier on the homepage "Assistive Technology Data Denmark"; in Danish it´s called "Hjælpemiddelbasen".

Let´s dream of a tomorrow where our health and all living can be protected. In a world filled with microwaves, let´s shield our loved ones!


Contact us/ Make an order

You can place your order in the webshop.


If you want to pay with your PayPal account you can make your order here:


Ehsshield will then make an invoice with an order number and payment information.

Remember to include your order, quantity,  name, mailadress, phone number, and delivery address.

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