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- Adapters to connect tablets, IPads, and computers to the internet (Ethernet) and extra software. - If your tablet, IPad, or computer doesn´t have a plug for the internet (an Ethernet plug) all you have to do is to connect it with the right adapter, and voilà, you have an internet connection.


Lightning adapter to internet 3 in 1

Lightning adapter is for IPads and Iphones with a “Lightning” plug.

This adapter connects the IPad to the internet (Ethernet).

You can add a charger. There´s also an extra connection to USB.

The Ethernet works alone, without you have to connect the charger at the same time.

Adapter type C 8 in 1

This adapter is for type C.

Most computers and Macbooks use type C plugs.

Connection to internet (via Ethernet).

Connection to HDMI, USB (USB 3 also works with USB 2).

Connection to VGA (many audio and video screens, smart boards, computer monitors, laptop computers, projectors, and television sets uses VGA.)

Including charger and card readers.

Adapter type C 4 in 1

Adapter type C 4 in 1.

Type C plug fits with most computers and Macbooks.

Connection to the internet (Ethernet).

Connection to HDMI,charger, and USB.

Let´s say goodbye to unhealthy Wi-Fi!


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